Creating Connections with our Culture

The next phase of our history will no doubt bring a greater degree of interaction with people, with companies, with countries, and with cultures that we are not familiar with, and that are not familiar with us. There will be a need for yet a greater degree of mutual understanding and appreciation among us for the future to unfold positively and harmoniously.

The Aanischaaukamikw Cultural Institute is fundamentally about that, – it is about understanding. It is about breaking down the walls which divide us. It is, in the end, about connecting with one another.

The Aanischaaukamikw Cultural Institute will therefore be much more than a museum. It will be much more than static displays and exhibits. It will be an institution which will play a vital role in facilitating the mutual understanding which will be required as we become more open to the world beyond our borders.

Grand Chief Dr. Matthew Coon Come
From the opening of the Cree Cultural Institute



Aanischaaukamikw  Cree Cultural Institute