Centre for Indigenous Nations Art

What we can do

The opportunity and the idea is to create a Centre for Indigenous Nations Art as an online gallery to make access to indigenous artists, their stories, their work, their heritage, and their connections available to everyone across Canada and around the world to explore and excite interest in exploring the live experience in galleries where their art can be found as well as exploring the cultures and cultural evolution of the communities and experiences that inspired and shaped their creative expression.

The Centre for Indigenous Nations Art is a centre for Canadian Indigenous Artists but it also becomes a place to explore the art and artists of Indigenous cultures around the world giving native cultures the opportunity to create connections and contribute their ideas and point of view through their artists and the creative expression of their culture, experience, and contributions, and in some small way contributing to creating communities without borders.

The Centre for Indigenous Nations Art is called a gallery because a gallery is defined as a room or building for the display or sale of art or an institution or business dealing in works of art. This communication centre is intended to create a place where people can explore the work of indigenous artists, learn where their work can be seen and experienced in museums and cultural centres around the world, and create connections to learn more about the artists and their cultural roots, influences, and experiences. It is also intended to create connections to and for dealers who represent the artists where there is an opportunity to purchase their art.

Roger Chilton

Exploring the idea of a Centre for Indigenous Nations Art