Galleries of Native Canadian Arts

DaVic Gallery of Native Canadian Arts

The indigenous art of the Northwest Coast is composed of basic simple elements to create sophisticated and complex art of striking power guided by a rich mythology. We include and represent selected and well known Non-Native guest artists for their art intensely inspired by Northwest Coast life and culture.

DaVic Northwest Coast Art Exhibit

DaVic Art Gallery is a family business dedicated to the promotion and sale of authentic First Nations and Inuit art including Northwest Coast, Woodland and Inuit art styles.

DaVic Art Gallery of Native Canadian Arts

Spirits of the West Coast Art Gallery

Presenting original Pacific Northwest Coast Native American Art including Haida Art, Kwakwaka┬┤wakw or Kwakiutl Art, Coast Salish Art, Masks, Carvings, Native American Jewellery, Silver and Gold Rings, Wedding Bands, Bracelets, Earrings, Pendants, Prints and Sculptures. Curating Native Art since 2006.

The mission of our gallery is to promote Pacific Northwest Coast Culture and Artwork worldwide and build long-term mutually beneficial relationships with Northwest Coast Artists and Communities and focus on relationships with artists that work in their traditional communities. Our goal is to create a positive and sustainable impact not only for the individual artists, but for the community and culture as a whole.

Our local national and international experiences have again and again strengthened our respect for these incredible Pacific Northwest Coast Native Cultures, which have been building on vibrant and inspired traditions since time immemorial. We are located in the centre of the area in which many of the important West Coast Native Artists and Master Carvers live and work.

Spirits of the West Coast Art Gallery